Manitowoc Cranes is one of the world's largest Manitowoc Crawler Cranes providers of lifting equipment for the global construction industry, including Manitowoc lattice-boom cranes, Potain tower cranes, Manitowoc Crawler Cranes , Grove mobile telescopic cranes and National Crane boom trucks. Manitowoc Cranes also offers the industrys most comprehensive and advanced service and support though Manitowoc Crane Care.

Grove mobile hydraulic cranes capacities range from 7.7t to 450t. Manitowoc crawler cranes are available from 73t to 2,300t in capacity. Potain tower cranes range from 1t to 160t capacity. Manitowoc has regional offices in over 20 countries and manufacturing facilities in nine countries.

Manitowoc Crane Group Asia Pte Ltd, located in Singapore, is one of the four regional headquarters of Manitowoc Cranes, which covers the Greater Asia Pacific region including India, Australia and the Rest of Asia for Manitowoc Crawler Cranes . The companys wide customer base in the region is covered through its extensive network of nine regional sales offices and 21 dealer representations.

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With over 20 years of experience, JP Nelson has become the market leader in providing leasing, the best quality sales, rental and services for construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, engineering, shipyard/ship building and offshore industries. It has proven the internationally approved standards of service qualities in many major projects like Singapore Circle Line Project and Vivo City Singapore. In terms of rental, sales and services of equipments, JP Nelson offers the high quality equipments especially mait drilling and boring rigs, rough terrain cranes, excavators and rollers.


Mait Drilling and Boring Rigs

JP Nelson provides the Mait drilling equipments which are the best and most suitable drilling machines in the market. Most drilling rig models can be equipped with special tools and geotechnical construction such as continuous flight auger, drilled shafts, diaphragm walls and stone columns and are designed for multipurpose. With many years of experience in the sales and services of drilling industry by using the best and highest quality of parts for Mait drilling and boring rigs, your constructions can totally rely on the powerful Mait drilling and tough boring rigs by our service.

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Rough Terrain Cranes

JP Nelson also offers the large variety of cranes including crawler cranes, mini cranes, rough terrain cranes and truck cranes. You can expect the high quality rough terrain cranes for pick-and-carry operations and rough terrain cranes for off-road and rough terrain applications in your industry. The toughest outriggers are used for leveling and stabilizing the rough terrain cranes for hoisting. The different models of rough terrain cranes from reliable manufacturers can be available from JP Nelson.

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Construction Equipment Rental

In order to meet the high demand of construction equipment and machinery rental , JP Nelson provides construction equipment rental solutions for the industries and constructions. Just say one construction equipment rental whether it is heavy or light, large or small, JP Nelson products and services is ready to cater all your construction equipment needs. Our construction equipment rental are Electric Vibratory Hammer , Electric Vibratory Hammer , Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer , Piling Hammer , Silent Pilers and Boring Rig. We provides high performance construction equipment , innovative construction equipment and reliable construction equipment for rent and sale.

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Oil & Gas Equipment

You can always rent oil & gas equipment with confidence from JP Nelson. We provide the best solutions to make sure and meet your oil & gas equipment performance and oil & gas equipment efficiency. Jpnelson provide oil & gas equipment such as diesel generators, air compressors , and more. The availability and reliability of JP Nelson oil & gas equipment can make your industry more powerful and accomplished. From consultation to implementation and use, we provide the best quality sales and rental oil & gas equipment services to meet your needs.

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